Kontalk is dead but free messaging still alive

Hi @ daniele_athome

Maybe you read still in this forum.
Maybe you know me (german translater).

I was a big fan and supporter of Kontalk. But I know, you got not time enough for devoeloping alone.

I help a other “new way of instant messaging”. And I hope you will not be angry if I use your forum to promote Delta Chat.
Delta Chat is a messenger based on E-Mail. They got clients for all relevant platforms.

If you don’t know Delta Chat, I’m sure, you will love it :wink:

If you like, you can take a look to https://delta.chat/

I would be glad to read your opinion to this messenger.


It looks nice, but :slight_smile:
You need a mail account that has IMAP, Tutanota, Protonmail and Mailfence (free account) don’t have that.
With some other mail accounts you have to activate IMAP from the web interface.
This is to much for a lot of people, a better alternative for Kontalk would be Quicksy, just register with your phone number, just like whatsucks, signal or Telegram

The really thing on greatDelta Chat is, it’s not a walled garden. Yes XMPP is still a bit a walled garden :wink: Your buddys have to use a XMPP Client.

With Delta Chat I write to everyone who has a Mail-Address (nearly everybody). Your buddy can use Thunderbird, k9 or every mailclient. Even Web interface is possible :stuck_out_tongue:

So, XMPP is great. But Mail (Delta Chat) is really provider independent and used the biggest distributed communication server network which exist.

Hello there! I’m still alive - more or less :slight_smile:
I’ve known Delta Chat and I’ve had it on my phone for some time now but I didn’t really promote it to my contacts - I just use it when I have to text someone that doesn’t have either Kontalk nor Signal (I installed Signal mainly for my iOS contacts). The app is very easy to use and very IM-oriented.

I often think about the future of Internet communication in general. Throughout my life I saw several technologies trying to dominate the market, but ultimately e-mail is really the one that is still resisting after what, 50 years? Is it just an evolutionary “left over” and next generations will all communicate through [put any walled garden here]?

The industrial market really failed in producing something as interoperable and ubiquitous as e-mail (or the telephone network FWIW). All companies are just trying to create their walled garden. And even XMPP, the very protocol that should promote instant messaging networks, did in fact failed (it still a niche). If it goes on like this, people will just migrate to the next walled garden that’s trending on Twitter or whatever after their previous one has failed them in some way (or the company shut down).

This is one of the many reasons why I eventually abandoned Kontalk development (I’m just keeping the servers alive until donations run out - 2-3 more years probably, thanks to Bitcoin).

Delta Chat

Delta Chat is my favorite mobile email client too - I love it and use it every day.

Email is is great but not good for every use case. Instead of email, XMPP is much better if you want to have statuses (online, is typing, …) or groups because of different authorization options.
system comparison

And even XMPP, the very protocol that should promote instant messaging networks, did in fact failed (it still a niche)

Provider independend chat based on XMPP is used in background very often and growing again. This is also shown by the frequency of mention in the press and in articles/comparisons. Awareness has changed and is growing steadily.

Please have a look at:

Did you see the new cool feature of Delta Chat?