Kontalk for Sailfish [request]


Hello Kontalkers,
probably you’ve heard of or fallen in love with sailfish OS (as I have).
Probably you don’t even know that kontalk is already running in sailfish’s dalvik environment.
Unfortunately it’s only working 90%. There’s a laggy message transfer and problems with the native keyboard (since the new emoji implementation)
I’ve asked on together jolla for a native app, as it’s open source and everybody could support it.

ahoi from the sailfish community and thank you for this great piece of software


P.S. I know I should post at github - but don’t know where exactly for this kind of request


Hi everybody,

I did just a look to https://together.jolla.com/question/177629/kontalk-the-only-open-source-messenger-native-app-request/

And it seems there is no there is no way around OMEMO to keep up do date :wink:

Are there news about https://github.com/kontalk/androidclient/issues/132 ?



oh I see, there IS a possible solution in the future. Good to hear!