Kontalk for Firefox OS?


I was wondering if is it possible to install Kontalk in Firefox OS.

Did anyone try it?

Apps for Android are programmed in Java, Firefox OS (and the browser itself) uses HTML5, so in the current state it won’t be possible without modifying the OS. On the other hand, I think it won’t take too long for the WebApp after the official web client is released. At least that’s what I guess, I could be wrong.


As a matter of fact, I was experimenting in my free time (which is already rare being the rest of it being allocated to Kontalk for Android) with an Ionic (Phonegap) based client aimed to iOS. If it is written well enough, it will be fully portable to Firefox OS - we don’t even have to patch it, just repackage it for Firefox OS.

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I know I’m late to the party, but do we really want support for a discontinued OS?

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I’d say it won’t hurt since Kontalk will work with HTML anyway to be OS independend. That’s what I remember, at least.

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