Kontalk does not read contact list

Kontalk does not read my contact list, so I can not send messages.
Phones Nokia 3.1 Android 9 and Motorola Moto E2 LineageOS 16 (Android 9)
On both phones I killed the contacts and Kontalk app, cleared the cache. Then rebooted.
Refreshed the server list and refreshed the contacts list in Kontalk.
Still no contacts to see except my own number.

Please enable debug log in Kontalk settings and try contacts sync again. You can then send a log to our devteam email (devteam at kontalk.org).

As a side note: depending on the actual version and OEM variant of Android, there might be some other “security measures” besides the standard Android permissions protection. You should also check for any of those.

Debug log sent
Permissions are ok, Signal and Telegram (and more) can read the contact list

Update :
Exported my keys.
Cleared the storage and uninstalled Kontalk (Play store versions)
Installed Kontalk 4.20 from F-droid and it works.
For now I stay with 4.20

Weird… it’s detecting only 4 contacts :thinking:
You could try checking preference “Include invisible contacts”; especially useful when using DAVDroid/DavX5.

4 contacts is possible, most of my contacts are landlines

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