Kontalk 4.3.1 - support for Android 8

This project is officially NOT dead :slight_smile:
Sorry guys but life has been a mess. After almost a year (!!!) I’ve released two versions - the second one right after the first to fix a couple of bugs, 4.3.0 and 4.3.1.

Group chat indicator in chat list

The chat list now shows a small icon next to the group avatar to easily distinguish them from 1-to-1 chats.

Search queries

I’ve decided to experiment with SQLite full-text search queries. It’s not really well documented in a user-friendly way yet, for now you can read the SQLite documentation.
Simple search is still possible by just writing the text you want to look for.

Service terms acceptance

On registration you will now be asked to accept the privacy terms for the server you’re registering to - if the server asks for it.

Account settings

Some account-related settings were grouped into an account section.

Support for Android Oreo 8.0

A few things were corrected or improved to better support Android 8.

Performance improvements

SQLite is pre-installed in every Android device, but can be upgraded only via a system update.
Kontalk now uses requery SQLite support library which is a self-contained compiled and always updated SQLite. This means always the latest version with performance improvements and bug fixes.

Static maps restored

Static maps were not working because of API changes to Google Maps and OpenstreetMap. They are now fixed.

Bug fixes

The bugs fixed for this release are here and here.

Smack 4.3.1

Smack 4.3.1 was released and some fixes have made their way into Kontalk.

Release notes

You can read the details in the changelog or in the release page: