Kontalk 4.1.3 - Android runtime permissions + a lot more

Enough with the waiting! At last, this first 2018 release comes with a bunch of stuff. Here is a quick list of the biggest improvements.


Sorry for the lack of screenshots this time, I couldn’t do them.

Android 6 runtime permissions

We are finally providing support for Android Marshmallow runtime permissions. Some are optional to give, others are mandatory. The app will ask you the needed permissions now at the right moment.

Direct reply for older Android versions

For those of you still using Android 6 or lower (including myself), a brand new “Reply” action in notifications that will open a popup window for replying. I know it’s not the same as Android N direct reply feature, but it’s a start. It can (and should) be improved, any comment is of course welcome.

User name in group messages

Identifying senders through the contact picture isn’t always possible. So a new feature here to display the sender’s name in incoming group messages. Nothing serious, still a nice thing to avoid confusion.

Play sound in open chats

Kontalk will now play a soft notification sound for outgoing and incoming messages while inside a chat. You can disable the outgoing sound from Kontalk preferences.

Image preview in notifications

For single incoming messages containing a picture, a preview of the picture will be now displayed inside the expanded notification.

Other fixes and improvements

We also fixed some bugs with personal key exporting, an annoying issue with tablets and some problems with media download/upload notification. You can view all bugs fixed in the change log.

Here is the release tag with the full change log:

As always, F-Droid version should (stress the should) come up within 24 hours.


My Kontalk version is still 4.1.1, despite the use of the Kontalk Official F-Droid Repository. Is there something wrong?

Sorry, my fault. The official repository should now be updated to the latest version.

Hi Daniele, sorry for not responding immediately, but indeed, I saw the newest version two days ago. Thanks! :+1:

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