Kontalk 4.1.2 - contextual reply + workaround for boot loop issue


Hello! I wanted to wait a bit before releasing this version to fix some other bugs, but a boot loop issue in some devices had me to release early. Here is a quick summary of the changes.

Contextual reply

You can now reply to a particular message by long-tapping on it and use the reply button in the toolbar. The replied message will appear as context to the reply you’ll send.

Fix boot loop issue

Cyanogenmod/LineageOS introduced a bug that caused many apps to trigger a boot loop, rendering the device useless. This has been worked around by forcing a more recent SDK build tools version.


The complete changelog is in the release tag.



OK, german play store description is ready for upload…


Finally this update landed in f-droid and am happy to report that the bootloop issue is resolved! :smiley: