Kontalk 3.1.2 does not run on LMDE2 (Debian Jessie)

Kontalk desktop 3.1.2 does not run on Linux Mint Debian Edition 2 (based on Debian Jessie)
I installed openjdk-8 using Debian backports.
The error messages are on pastebin https://paste.debian.net/932021/
Don’t know if this is very important because Debian 9 is expected to be released in june.

See https://github.com/kontalk/desktopclient-java/issues/72 or https://github.com/kontalk/desktopclient-java/issues/93 .

You maybe have Java 8 installed but the Kontalk jar is still executed with Java 7. I don’t know about Debian, on Arch there is archlinux-java to set the JVM.

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Thx, it works now. The Debian command to set de default jre is :

sudo update-alternatives --config java

Found at http://www.mkyong.com/linux/debian-change-default-java-version/