JID exposes the server name?


I’m trying to understand how the distribution works in the KPN.
The JID I see in “My personal key” says ...@beta.kontalk.net. IIUC beta.kontalk.net is just the server which happens to be currently active. Also according to https://github.com/kontalk/network/blob/master/docs/servers.md, beta.kontalk.net is actually the only server currently active (the Halifax one says it’s down).

How does/will the “distributed” part of Kontalk work? Will my JID ...@beta.kontalk.net still work for other Jabber users when beta.kontalk.net is decomisionned?


Hello @monnier,
The distributed part works as long as there are servers online. We have something planned called “account migration” (currently under development) which will allow clients to “move” an account from a decommissioned server to an active server. This will also include automatic notification to all contacts on migration so they can update their pointers (automatic subscription to all contacts).