Is post boot-loop recovery possible? (w/ backup files, w/o key)

I’m a Cyanogen user that entered a boot-loop after 4.1.1 upgrade. Before reinstalling and trying to recover all data I made a few backups (using a custom recovery and copying files with ADB). I mean, I have all the files I had prior to the boot-loop:
├── app_textures
├── app_webview
│ ├── metrics_guid
│ ├── Web Data
│ ├── Web Data-journal
│ └── webview_data.lock
├── cache
│ ├── lots of images
│ ├── image_manager_disk_cache
│ │ ├── some hash.0
│ │ ├── some other hash.0
│ │ ├── some other different hash.0
│ │ ├── a fourth hash.0
│ │ └── journal
│ └──
├── code_cache
├── databases
│ ├── messages.db
│ ├── messages.db-journal
│ ├── roster.db
│ ├── roster.db-journal
│ ├── status.db
│ ├── status.db-journal
│ ├── users.db
│ └── users.db-journal
└── shared_prefs
├── com.instacart.library.truetime.shared_preferences.xml
├── emojicon.xml
├── org.kontalk_preferences.xml
└── WebViewChromiumPrefs.xml

I’ve been able to restore most of the applications copying files and granting the correct permissions to EACH file and folder (yes, it took time). I tried the same with Kontalk, but it won’t do. Is this even possible?

Nonetheless, I tried to reconnect to the kontalk network but I couldn’t. This may be related to Cannot reregister my phone number.

Lesson learned: export key.

I’m sorry but that’s not possible without the account from the system account manager. The personal key is stored securely there, it can’t be backed up from the app data for security reasons. So, you’re right: you need to backup the key :slight_smile:

I could try to recover the key from the /data partition backup I have :thinking:… but maybe it’s a little too much… if, for any reason, someone thinks that the project could benefit from that, I’ll give it a try.
Thanks Daniele.

If you have a backup there made with the export feature of Kontalk, indeed try. But there is no known or easy way to recover something from the account manager internal database (personally I don’t know how to do it).