Is Kontalk reliable?

I’m sorry for the Clickbait Title but this is my Problem.

I took a Kontalk sabbatical till now because with 3.1.x i had the problem that now and then Messages were nor deliverd (I used SMS in the meantimes because i don’t like the alternatives to Kontalk). Just now i have that problem again (I’m on Kontalk again sine 03.01.2016). i sent a message at 07.48 that was never delivered. i sent another one at 11:28 and 11:29 and they were delivered instantly. My Contact always show as “Online” when I’m sending.

I use the Kontalk Version. Is the google Play Version with Push Notifications more reliable?

I had the problem with a Huawei G510 with Stock Android 4.1, a Samsung Galaxy S4Mini with CM12.1 and now with Moto G2 (LTE and Dual SiM) with CM12.1, CM13 and CM14.1).

Greetings from Germany!

We had some problems in the past that were all fixed with time, and I was using it successfully until a few days ago another user reported message loss. Unfortunately there is still some unreliability in Tigase so I’m currently investigating again. I want to stress that this happens only when network quality is very bad (e.g. continuously connecting and disconnecting). Although it is not a justification, I’m just explaining what’s the matter here.
I’m currently tracking my progress on this matter on GitHub.


thanks for the quick reply. To be honest, your answer is a relief. It’s good to know that it is a problem that is being worked on.

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