Is Adium support in the plans?

Hi. I’m using kontalk because it’s open source and end to end encrypted. Nice software, indeed, but in my personal computer I’d like to use adium instead of the official client. I saw that there’s support to pidgin, but couldn’t find anything related to adium. Any plans regarding to this subject? Thanks!

Hello and welcome.
Unfortunately that is MacOS development which requires an MacOS environment to be able to work on it. Personally I don’t have the resources to provide myself with one, nor the time to work on a new framework and programming language right now.

I can see however that Adium is based on libpurple. Kontalk plugin for Pidgin is actually a Purple plugin (with some dependency on Pidgin for UI stuff). Maybe at least the connection part can be ported more or less painlessly to Adium. Do you have any debugging/development skills? Can you help me on that?

Also… there is the tunnel script which needs only Python 2.7 and the Twisted library. That is enough to work with Adium or any XMPP client (you won’t have key management and encryption, but it’s a start).

Hi @daniele_athome !
I understand that pigdin and adium are based on libpurple, but unfortunately my knowledge is just in the user level - I’m not programmer, as a matter of fact I’m lawyer - , even though I try to take a look on how things work under the hood. I’d like to help somehow, but I think I’d lack knowledge.
Thanks for your response, it was really kind! :slight_smile: