Introduce yourself or just say hi

My name is Ronald. I live in the Netherlands.
On my computer I mainly use Linux (Arch). On my phone I use LineageOS or Android with as little Google as possible.
A few years ago I found out about Kontalk through F-Droid. I use it to have secure private conversations with just a few persons. I don’t need to be connected to the whole world.

Hi Ronald,
I was a early supporter and german translator of Kontalk. It was a great project. But now it’s dead. It’s too bad but true.
If you search for a free, open and provider-indepentend messenger, then take a look on
This is really a new way of Instant messaging. Or as the devs say: Back to the future :wink:

Hi webratte,

I know that Kontalk as a project is rather dead. But as an app it is still used. I registered just to be able to suggest a workaround that might solve an issue with importing existing keys (which someone reported last April to have encountered).
I know about Delta Chat. A while ago I experimented with it, and it worked fine. But at that time it seemed to eat my battery. Maybe I will give it another try soon. I like the concept (working through e-mail).
Thank you for your kind response.


Hi Ronald,

I use Delta Chat sice a few years as my (nearly) only messenger. Batterey usage is absolutely OK. Maybe you should give them a second chance. I don’t know, when was your last use of Delta Chat.
Currently they have clients for all platforms (Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux). And if you use mor then one client, all clients will be in sync.

… rather dead …

Is there an official announcement? Only found this:

… I eventually abandoned Kontalk development …

If you are searching for a Kontalk replacement have a look at:

There is a quick system overview in different languages too.


… rather dead …

Gibt es eine offizielle Information dazu/Abkündigung? Ich habe nur dies hier gefunden:

… I eventually abandoned Kontalk development …

Wenn jemand auf der Suche nach einem Kontalk-Ersatz ist, gerne mal auf Freie-Messenger vorbeischauen.

Dort gibt es u.a. auch eine Schnellübersicht Messengersysteme in verschiedenen Sprachen.