Incoming message sound while conversation is open

I’m currently investigating implementation of issue #75, namely how to notify incoming messages when the conversation is open and active in the foreground. Many users keep the screen on while looking elsewhere and don’t notice new messages immediately. This is a feature I could use myself :slight_smile:

As you know, Kontalk is funded and contributed by the community for the community. So I’d like to ask anyone here to donate or provide a freely licensed sound to be included in Kontalk. Proper credit will be given in the app and in the repository of course.

We’ll collect all proposed sound files (remember it has to be freely licensed so we can use it) and create a poll so people can vote for it. The most voted sound will be included in the version 4.0.1.

I’ll also look something up on the Internet myself and post my findings here.
Thanks for your contribution!

As a first post, a user already proposed a few sounds, I will post them here, you can find the comment on GitHub.

It would be great if the “soft sounds” (as op from #531 calls them) would be different for sending messages/receiving messages while conversation is opened. May I suggest this set of sounds:

Quick preview of the most interesting sounds:

Copyright: Lucas McCallister
License: CC-BY-SA (relicensed with permission from author)

Copyright: Dr. Richard Boulanger et al
License: CC-BY Attribution 3.0 Unported

Copyright: Ivica Bukvic
License: CC-BY-SA

The links to the above .oga files are not playable for me, seem expired.

You’re right, sorry, they seem to have been uploaded to a sound hosting service but they are now expired. The original files should be available though. I’ll find them and upload them again for quick listening.