Image compression

Hey, let’s talk about if it would be useful to compress images before sending them. As I can see compressing can save about 200 kb of traffic. gz or xz would be good choice.

I’ve noticed that Riot, when attempting to upload a picture, it asks you if you want to send the original quality, a medium size or small. That is also a good way of saving bandwith.

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Kontalk can already resize images. You can choose an approximate resize ratio (the image will also be compressed a bit, without sacrifiying too much quality) in Kontalk settings > Media.

Ah yes, completely missed that. Having an option to do this on demand might be a good idea then, if possible?

Also I understand @Fohroer is suggesting to compress all pictures by default, no matter their chosen size.

I agree with @tetris4.
A option to choose the image size just before sending would be great.

So I could choose by importance. A cat pic or a Comic can be sendet in high compression (to save band with) but a hollydays pic should be sendet in high quality :wink:

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It would be a great idea actually!

Actually in many cases that is really not efficient because JPEG and PNG already do a good job in compressing. Another compression cycle wouldn’t really achieve anything useful (like less than 1%). Unless @Fohroer was actually considering lossy compression (as in decreasing quality). I wouldn’t really go that way either though…


I’m OK with that, maybe implementing gzip is really not that good.