How to add Jabber contact to my local contacts, do Kontalk uses its name and profile picture



I am very happy Kontalk allows me to receive messages from Jabber users, when I turn the encryption off. The Jabber contact appears in Kontalk under its Jabber address. I would like to store this contact on my phone and provide a name and profile picture, so it is recognized by Kontalk as a native contact. Can you give me some hints how to do thus, which contact fields have to be filled and how.

Thanks, Karlitos


Hello @karlitos, great to hear you’re using Kontalk with other XMPP users!
Unfortunately the Android client hasn’t much possibilities on this matter yet. In order to set a name for your contact, at the moment you’ll need to use the desktop client.
The names you set there will appear on the Android app on the next contact refresh.


Hello @daniele_athome,

many thanks for your fast reply. I will try to use the desktop client and rename my contact. Is there any chance to create a profile picture ? I know that at this moment the only way to have a profile picture in Kontalk is to assign one to your phone contacts.

Is there an open ticket on GitHub for the lack of possibility to rename Jabber contacts ? Could not fin any.

The reason I like to use Kontalk is its support for XMPP which allow me to extend the possibilities of messaging app. XMPP bots, allows automatic conversion of emails to Jabber messages … I hope there will be better support for Jabber in the future.


Not at the moment, sorry.

Something related to that is #456 which could include such feature.

It is in our plans :slight_smile: it’s just that is going to take some time, that’s all.