How does Kontalk compare to Telegram?

What about Telegram? Will Kontalk raise it’s features to be comparable to Telegram?

The objective is to be a phone-number-based mobile messenger, so I guess Telegram is what Kontalk could be most similar to, at least in the user interface/user experience part.

Last time I checked (correct me if am wrong):

  • Telegram didn’t come with encryption on by default, and there was no option to have encrypted group chats.
  • The server side software was not FOSS.

Some comparisons to other popular messengers is something I think we could include in a website rework. At least offer the advantages of Kontalk over them.

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You are wrong. All Telegram connections has SSL encryption on it.
The server side software was not FOSS — that’s true.

Kontalk has one sweet adventure over Telegram — long session. On you way home? Internet connection is unstable? Internet only for 1 second? Telegram — tries to reconnect. Kontalk — message sent. And Telegram can’t beat this feature, as far as I understand sync has high priority by design.

I can give you powerful virtual server with 500 Gb disk space for free. Can you make message sync if you’ll have this?

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That’s not really a question of how much disk space we got. Kontalk was thought to be cheap in design and should use as few resources as possible. Message sync will be implemented with a timeout feature (e.g. messages not CC’d to all devices after X days will be discarded).

Or… wait, are you offering this as an incentive to development? Instead of a money donation, am I getting this right?

Right. Tell me the server characteristics you want.

I’m not sure if I can find the time to speed up development of that feature. There are other blocking things that I can’t change priority because they are… blocking. Sorry, I’m still one man doing all the work and I don’t want to make false promises. However this doesn’t mean we don’t accept your offer. We just have to delay it a bit more.

You can use our servers and spend much more money to stimulate developers.

Do you have some link about that? I couldn’t find anything on Telegram’s FAQ. Fwiw, I was referring to end-to-end encryption. As in, no-one else being able to read the messages exchanged between the parties involved.

No. Please check it with Wireshark and you will see.


El hecho que el servidor no sea Software Libre, y que no se pueda verificar su funcionamiento, arriesgandonos a las puertas traseras, hace que telegram ya sea muy diferente a Kontalk. Eso tiene demasiado peso para escoger un sistema de mensajería instantánea, y eso mismo es lo que hace a Kontalk más seguro y preferible, para los que buscamos la libertad y la privacidad del usuario.

The fact that the server is not Free Software, and that its operation can not be verified, risking to the back doors, makes that telegram is very different from Kontalk. This has too much weight to choose an instant messaging application, and that is what makes Kontalk more secure and preferable, for those who seek the freedom and privacy of the user.

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