Google Play Store descripton V4.0 Group Chats

Hi there!

I’m sure releasing the Version 4.0 will be a Big Bang :slight_smile:
And so I think it should start as professional as possible.

We should start it with all languages we have.
But translators need time. Especial in the time before Christmas.

I think it would be great to put the description into Weblate as soon as possible. The most important changes are already known. And translators can to there jobs.

I’m really exited for releasing V 4.0 :grin:

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For the beta stage I’m only putting english in because releases are happening too often.
I will begin to put something in Weblate on the next few days, don’t worry you’ll have plenty of time. Besides, I also celebrate Christmas and I will probably not release it exactly on Dec 26th :slight_smile:

Sure I know that :slight_smile:

Thank you