From where to upload user profile image, and get for all friends

I want to set profile image for user. And to get profile images for all friends in android client.
From where I can do it. Please tell me.

Currently, Kontalk reads the profile pictures from your contact list. So if you add a picture to a friend in your Android Contacts app, they will appear in Kontalk (which may not happen instantly, if you are impatient, you can click the pencil icon in the bottom right and then click Refresh in the menu in the top right). HowToGeek has a step-by-step guide for this for popular devices:

There is no way yet to set a picture that your friends will see. For the more technical people reading this, the related GitHub issue is #826.

If i want to do this with some logic. Is there any way and how complex it will be. Can you please give me some idea.

I’m not sure what you mean with “with some logic”. Do you mean updating people more quickly than one-by-one? Because I don’t know of any other way to set profile pictures for your friends other than one-by-one through the Android contacts app.

Are you talking about how to do this on Android or are you talking about implementing it? I don’t understand…

Hello sir, I am using Kontalk library for making a android demo app for me. And I want to contribute this for community. But don’t know how to use functionality of adding user profile image. Can you please help me to implement this.

The desktop client currently implements profile picture publishing in cleartext and publicly (out of easeness and quickness to implement). But I think there is a security concern here. I think avatars should be requested directly to the client and not stored on the server (already mentioned by @SylvieLorxu):

This way the contact can encrypt the avatar just for the requester.

For the user interface part, a new activity from the main screen should be implemented. Even better, maybe convert the personal key activity into a “personal profile” activity so to also include your personal picture.

For other users instead, I guess something like a contact info screen should be implemented first:

There you can put something to change the profile picture for the user.

It’s actually quite some work, what would you like to begin with?

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How I said in other place before:
This should be a user preference do I use the pictures from phonebook (given by me)or the shared pictures, like it already imlpemented in desktop client.

The point is: I don’t like if people Spam my contact list or chat list with there posing pictures or cute pets :wink:

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