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Hi.* has an interesting feature (and also a nice way to get funds), which consists in:

"Even if you are not a Quicksy user you can enter your Jabber ID into the Quicksy Directory and give Quicksy users the ability to automatically discover you based on your phone number. This lets you enjoy the privacy-friendly, federated nature of Jabber/XMPP while giving your less tech-savvy friends a low barrier entry into that world.

We charge a small fee (…)"

Why not add such a feature in kontalk?


Hello. If I get your point, you want a way to discover your Jabber ID (a non-Kontalk one) through a phone number verified in the Kontalk network (or vice-versa), right?


Yes, except the vice-versa part, which I assume would be impractical. Putting it in another way, suppose I have another xmpp account in another jabber server, let’s say "", which I bind to my phone number or respective kontalk hash, thus enabling kontalk users to automatically discover "" based on my phone number or hash…