Few Question before starting an instance

I am thinking to run one Kontalk Instance but i have few questions.

I found bulk sms provider alot expensive so is there any workaround for that, phone number make things easier but its expensive. any cheap provider
What type of encryption Kontalk uses?
Can one can talk from one Kontalk server to another? and what about xmpp users?
Once media files are downloaded by the user they are kept in server or get deleted?

and as a feature request add Server picker in front of app rather changing it in setting.

Hello and welcome to Kontalk!

We use Nexmo as fallback provider, the verification service is a bit expensive (10 cent/verification) but they bill you only successful verifications. I know, SMS are not really cheap… there is also Twilio, Checkmobi.
On our main server, we actually have a partnership with JMPChat, but I don’t think they offer this service to the general public - you can ask them though.

The app currently uses OpenPGP encryption for messages and files, but OMEMO is being implemented - for now only for messages, it will still use OpenPGP for files.

Yes, Kontalk is 100% XMPP compatible. You can add other users in theory, but the feature is currently missing from the Android app - but it is possible technically.

The HTTP server has a parameter in its configuration file to enable expiration of files. On our main server it’s set to 7 days.

An issue exists but it’s not currently being worked on.

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@daniele_athome Depending on your provider avaliability, there may be some who offer a free calling plan. Maybe combine this with some generic TTS and set up a custom server?

Free calling? I doubt that it exists. But if you know some please share them!
The software part is doable, but it requires as you say a custom server to be implemented.

Well I mean with a monthly subscription, kinda forgot that. It’s about 15€ here in germany, less if it’s stationary, and I also forgot it’s only free within the country, so forget that, sorry.

Hello There my account has been put on Hold for some reason and i have to create a new account to reply.

although I just found that we can use php to send OTP to phone number that is cheap and free.

You basically answer all my question although can we use php to send OTP and any news of IOS app.

@vibhi I’ve restored your old account. It was an automated check because you typed too fast :smiley:

I’m not sure I’m following… that is what we currently use: send a one-time code to the user via SMS and fallback to voice call if the SMS doesn’t arrive.

You said you use JMPchat for sending sms and use Nexmo as Fallback option.
i was asking https://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-send-text-messages-with-php--net-17693 for something like this as its free.

That’s not for free. The script uses Nexmo and other providers. SMS are not free, trust me :slight_smile:

you broken my heart, sms is really expensive, is there any plan to add email as an option rather than phone?

Switching or getting an cheaper way will give a serious headstart and attention and which will also help the project and you will get some contributor for sure.

It would not be Kontalk, it would be another project :sunglasses:

Seriously, the idea is to use an identifier available to virtually all people. And that’s not e-mail.
Besides, handling multiple authentication methods (especially one as volatile and insecure as email) would seriously put Kontalk in jeopardy due to several security standpoints.

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I really wanna run one for India, well my last hope is JMPChat if they can help me. do you got any email where i contact them.

You can head over their website but as I said I don’t think they offer this service to the general public.

Hmm well still worth the try