Feature request for Kontalk

This is going to be a list of features which the community members want to have being implemented into Kontalk in the future.
If you have a request, please post it as a reply to this topic.
If you think a request is useful, please like the post.
This post will be a summary of the requests.

QR-code scanner

Add password encryption when the app is opened.

Make an option to scan the QR-code inside Kontalk.

Integrate a picture-viewer to prevent having to download every picture to the internal storage.

I’m afraid this won’t prevent Kontalk from downloading pictures to the internal storage.

I thought about a solution like t is implemented in Signal which is (I believe) storing it encrypted in the app data storage and decrypting it “live” when the user opens it via Signal.

Oh ok I got it now, that’s different then and even more safe! :slight_smile:


This is a great idea @Stanzi! But tracking every unique request in a single thread will soon become overwhelming and difficult to prioritize.
Initially we thought these requests belong on GitHub. But on second thought we created a new dedicated subcategory under Discussion. We wish for this section to be a place where users can make feature requests and get feedback from the rest of the community on their idea.
Try to keep 1 request per thread and make sure to explain in simple words how it would benefit users. Then once it has been discussed, it is popular, and no showstopper comes up, it can be reported on GitHub under a new special tag Community Favorite, so they can be tackled accordingly.