Donation via Playstore in v4.0.0-beta1


Donation via Playstore in v4.0.0-beta1 seems to work.
Can somebody confirm that? :wink:


Maybe. When I choose to donate by playstore I get a message “payback for the SMS we sent you”. When I click on that message I get a pop-up to pay €2
As far as I know, Google takes a big part of that, so what’s the best way to donate? Playstore or PayPal?


Hi @TuxICT if you have a PayPal account and you like to donate and also think OMEMO is important why not donate here:

to push OMEMO implementation.
Maybe this way we can motivate another developer to support Kontalk :wink:


This week I’ll get my social security allowance, then I’ll make a small donation


Unfortunately they both take something off the revenue. However Google is the most expensive one: they take 30%.


is it possible to make a donation by banktransfer?


Not at the moment, sorry. I’m looking for an online only and quick bank account solutions.