Configure HttpFileUploadComponent

Good day, greetings to all, excuse my bad english, I’m using google translate, I find myself installing the server following the steps in and I have a question regarding:

"File upload support

TODO configure HttpFileUploadComponent "

According to what I understand it is necessary to configure that, but as it says TODO it means that it is not documented? Or do you have any special settings?

Thanks in advance for your reply

Hi pepegon and welcome to the Kontalk community!

I edited a bit your post to make it more clear.

What languages do you speak? Maybe there is someone here that can help you if you have issues with English.

Good day, thanks for your reply and apologies for the post I am using google translate and tube a copy and paste error, I would like to know if there is documentation to implement File upload support on the kontalk server

Hello @pepegon,
sorry no documentation for that component yet.

The component we’re using is here and it has documentation on its own:

As for Kontalk server configuration, the parameters needed for the upload component are already present in the default

# External XMPP component protocol
# needed for HttpFileUploadComponent
# these must match HttpFileUploadComponent configuration

As the comments say, configuration (component name, secret and port) must match HttpUploadComponent configuration.

Hi, good morning, thank you for the answer. regards