Colours for "Silence" chat bubble layout

The Silence layout is in my opinion the best, but it is unusable because both bubbles (mines and the ones from my chat partner) are white. It would be great if the bubbles from my partner were coloured. But PLEASE, not in that WhatsCrap-eye-cancer-green!!
Maybe some sort of purple would be great? It is the colour of Silence after all :slight_smile:

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Silence uses a customizable color for each contact as far as I can see from Google Play screenshots. Is there a “default” color we can pick to be used for incoming messages?

Like I suggested, maybe light purple, like it is in the silence logo :slight_smile:

I’ll ask @relan, the creator of the Silence theme. I’ll direct him to this conversation.

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colored chat bubbles for Silence theme would be great.
So I could set for 1:1 chats the Hangouts theme and for group chats the colored Silence theme to make a visible difference between group and 1:1 chat :+1: