Can phone number detection be scaled up to other XMPP networks?

Hi everybody!

I was wondering if Kontalk’s phone number detection can be used by other XMPP networks (maybe as a XEP)? If yes, we should find a logo like “HD ready”, which was used by TVs some years ago. Users should be able to easily identify compatible networks that allow for phone number detection.

What do you think?

PS: What about PND ready? :wink:


I belive Kontalk ist the first XMPP client wich uses phone numbers (a new way of communication :wink:).

But if I’m wrong a label could be a funny idea.

I’m not sure such a XEP would be approved. People at XMPP’s say that a JID should be device-, architecture- and network-agnostic (sorry, couldn’t find a reference right now).
Anyway, it might be a good idea to let other XMPP networks access the phone number detection system - with some form of authentication of course.

The current protocol is actually very easy and it shouldn’t be hard for it to be converted into a protoXEP. If someone is willing to draft one, I’d be happy to provide some more information :slight_smile: