Branding / preset KPN server etc

Hi everybody,

what do you think about a special branding of the Kontalk client(s) for companies and preset KPN network addresses (“always use this server”)? That could potentially lead to higher user numbers and raise funds.

So I’m looking forward to reading your opinions! :slight_smile:

One of the design goals of Kontalk (albeit still mostly unwritten - WIP) is to create sponsorships for server by branding the client at runtime, withouth the need to even publish another app.

There are some notes in server-side and client-side issues, but not a clear draft of how this should be. That’s probably one thing I should work harder on to attract sponsor.

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Yeah, that is a very good approach, in my opinion! It would take federation to a next level and help to fincancially sustain the KPN (and maybe XMPP networks in general).

Is the server included into XMPP message heads or would it involve another non-standard extension?

PS.: Still can’t reply by email:

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Mmm no I don’t think there is an already defined XEP, IIRC. But this a perfect excuse for proposing a new one :slight_smile:

Sorry, couldn’t do that yet. It’s in my priority schedule, you’ll be able to do it soon :slight_smile:

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