[BETA] Kontalk 4.2.0-beta4

Hello there!
Hopefully this would be the last beta of this series. I know it’s a beta and it’s not supposed to have new features, but I’ve wanted to push a few things for a long time, so I said whatever.

Improved conversations list

The conversations list (i.e. the main screen) had an almost total refactoring. Introducing RecyclerView, a new Android UI component that allows apps to create more robust lists featuring animations, change transitions and improved performance. Expect other lists to be ported soon.

(Sorry, no screencast this time :frowning: I’ll produce something for the final stable release. Also isn’t a surprise better? :stuck_out_tongue:)

Other performance improvements

The message center (the big thing behind the Kontalk user interface that handles all bits of communication) had some performance improvements, especially when using the app while it is reconnecting and sending messages. You should have now a somewhat smoother experience while sending and receiving.

Bug fixes

A few annoying crashes were fixed too.

Release notes

You can read the details in the changelog or in the release page:

This release has been published on our Google Play beta channel - you can click here to subscribe to the beta program - and as a pre-release on F-Droid (usually available in 24/48h).