[BETA] Kontalk 4.2.0-beta3

Dear Kontalkers,
A new beta with some new stuff and a buch of the usual bug fixes. :angel:
Version beta2 lasted like 4 hours so I’m making a single announcement for both beta2 and beta3.

Notification categories (a.k.a. channels)

If you’re using Android Oreo or newer, you can now have more fine-grained control over Kontalk notifications thanks to notification categories (“channels” for the geeks among us).

Opt-out of server administrator messages

In Kontalk preferences > messaging there is now a flag to opt-out of administrator messages. Please note that you might miss important news about the network though - I decided to not distinguish between important and unimportant messages since I believe it’s a personal opinion.

Bug fixes

Among other things, push notifications were suffering a lot in beta1 and that has been fixed in beta3.
You can read the details in the changelog or in the release page:


This release has been published on our Google Play beta channel - you can click here to subscribe to the beta program - and as a pre-release on F-Droid (still stuck on beta1 though, no ETA yet).

For the geeks among us: the changelog file has been updated with commit compare links between versions. Also, from now on, the “Next” section of the changelog will be updated after every change.

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