[BETA] Kontalk 4.2.0-beta1

Hello users!
This time I’ve incremented the minor version number because I’ve been too modest with previous versions. Besides, this release deserves it :sunglasses:

On with the highlights! :tada::confetti_ball::tanabata_tree::wind_chime::sparkler:

Copy multiple messages to clipboard

You can now select multiple messages and copy all of them to the system clipboard.

Messages will be grouped by user:


Bob Clash:

What’s up?

Bob Clash:

Blind Trust Before Verification

I’ve been thinking for months to a way to simplify key management and all the other security features of Kontalk. The way it is now it’s too complicated even for power users (I don’t like it either).
I’ve been looking at a proposal introduced by Conversations called Blind Trust Before Verification.

In a few words, all keys are accepted as blindly trusted (“ignored” in Kontalk terms) and anyone will be able to chat first hand. When you decide to mark a key as verified or blocked, that contact will switch to “manual verification mode”, meaning that the next time his/her key changes, you’ll have the red warning bar at the bottom and communication will be blocked until you mark the key as verified.

This feature is still in beta and needs further polishing. I would say it is a good compromise. That way, power users can harness the security feature of Kontalk in a more serious way if they want; other users will have a safe enough mode to chat securely without worrying too much.

As a side effect to this feature, public keys are now publicly accessible and anyone can send messages to any user without prior invitation (this is actually conforming to XMPP). Chat invitation will only be used for accessing the user’s last seen time and online presence status.

Badge indicators

Using this wonderful library by leolin310148 Kontalk is now able to display badge indicators with the number of new messages - on launchers supporting it. Sorry, no screenshots for this, but you can see the examples in the library home page to see what I’m talking about.

Smack 4.3.0

Florian Schmaus recently released Smack 4.3.0 which includes modules omemo and omemo-signal. I’ve already begun experimenting with those modules and OMEMO will soon see the light in Kontalk. How soon? Sorry, I don’t know yet. Surely 2018 though. :angel:

Bug fixes

Several bugs have been fixed in this release, including a few long-standing crashes. You can read the details in the changelog or in the release page:


This release has been published on our Google Play beta channel - you can click here to subscribe to the beta program - and as a pre-release on F-Droid (currently being delayed, no ETA yet).

For the geeks among us: the changelog file has been updated with commit compare links between versions. Also, from now on, the “Next” section of the changelog will be updated after every change.


Thank you :grinning:

That sounds like a good idea.

I think a good solution would be to verify a key by scanning a QR code (like Threema do) and also a small hint (a yello lock or something) in the chat view to remember this contact is not veryfied yet.

You know I waiting for this feature :grinning:

It would be great if it comes up until 2018 ends.
I will be glad to help testing.

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Video and location sharing are also long-awaited features that will see the light next year, with the help of our core developer @a.cappelli87.

This is qoted from “View into 2017”. Anything new with videos?

Although @a.cappelli87 successfully implemented location sharing, he won’t be able to implement video sharing, not in the short term - life stuff. I know it was “promised”, but this is the problem with volunteer-only open source projects (and I’m also talking about myself here).

Note to F-Droid users: the release process is being delayed a bit, sorry you’ll have to wait a little more time.