[BETA] Kontalk 4.1.0-beta1 - Location sharing!


Hello folks!
This very nice sunday features a new Kontalk beta version with location sharing from the great work of @a.cappelli87 and a few final touches by myself.

Please note that the basic version only supports OpenStreetMaps and doesn’t support POIs detection nearby.

Here is the release tag:

Changelog copied below for the lazy ones:


  • Location sharing (#1004, #1027, #1062)
  • Update to Smack 4.2.1 (#957)
  • Autotrust (as in verification ignored) first key after an invitation (#866)
  • Reuse connection object (#327, #956)
  • Remember scrolling position (#853, #938)


  • Fix memory leak (#1022, #1046)
  • Proximity wake lock workaround for some devices (#1043)
  • Downgrade Glide to version 3 for compatibility with Android 2 (#1047)
  • Fix crash in direct share (#1050)
  • Cleanup leftovers of abandoned groups (#1051)
  • Use Bouncy Castle SHA-1 implementation (#1052)
  • Fix crash on Android prior to Nougat (#1060, #1064)

Since this version features some major changes (besides location, several backend changes were also made, such as the upgrade to Smack 4.2 which is a big deal), we decided to make it a public beta.

Please report bugs here or (even better) on GitHub providing as much information as possible about your problem and context (device info, network status, etc.).

As always, F-Droid version will come up in 1 to 3 days and it won’t be automatically notified: you must go to the Kontalk page and install the new version manually (because it’s a beta).


On my Motorola Moto E 2nd gen and Lenovo Tab 3 Pro I can choose between Google Maps and Openstreetmap in Settings. Google Maps shows also POIs like stores / restaurants in the neighbourhood


Yes we decided to let the user choose which provider to use in the Google Play version. Unfortunately there is no POI support for OSM yet (I’m not even sure such a service exists).


+1 OSM … I will send this thread to OSM Paraguay to see if someone have any idea on how to do this.