Are messages delivered to offline users?

I didn’t find any information how you are handling offline messages e.g. can someone send messages to be me while I am offline so I’ll get them once online again. E.g. implementing "XEP-0160: Best Practices for Handling Offline Messages"
I don’t know much about XMPP and I couldn’t convince any of my current contacts to install Kontalk to just try it out.

Hi @spielzeugland
Sure, messages will stored on the server until you come online again. After you received the messages they will deleted on the server.

The exactly technic I also don’t know.
But it works fine :wink:

I hope your friends will trie Kontalk.
BTW. probably Groupchat will be relased this month. Maybe it’s a argument for your friends to trie it :wink:


Tigase follows XEP-0160 so the answer is yes. Specifically, our server (but it depends on the server in this case) keeps messages for a maximum time of 7 days. They will be deleted when they expire or when they are delivered.

I have just added this question to our FAQ page.
Because I also didn’t know that messsages only 7 days will stored on server.
That’s important to know if I’m in holly days without internet.
Very often in holly days I switch off my phone for two or three weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

May be you want review it.

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What happens if someone sends me a message while my phone has no internet connection? Does Kontalk automatically reconnect once I’ve internet connection again, or do I have to activly trigger a reconnect?

Yes, every internet connection event triggers a Kontalk startup in the background for checking new messages.

That is why servers are important in some cases. Although I’d like to see everything become completely decentralized, distributed is a better way to go because it allows you to do things that are rather difficult to accomplish on a completely peer to peer network.

As long as the encryption keys are generated client side which they are there’s almost no reason to not use servers. The only risk in using servers is they can be blocked by an oppressive government so although I haven’t done any research into it yet and this could already exist, I’d like to see some Tor hidden services for Kontalk as that would absolve the issue.