AndroidClient Circular dependency Error

Hi team…

I’m trying to run the Kontalk Android Client App from the source code, but after install the code with a:

git clone
cd androidclient
git submodule update --init

and build it, I’m getting this error:

Circular dependency between the following tasks:
    \--- :app:instantRunMainApkResourcesBasicDebug
         \--- :app:transformClassesAndDexWithShrinkResForBasicDebug
              \--- :app:transformDexArchiveWithDexMergerForBasicDebug
                   +--- :app:preColdswapBasicDebug
                   |    \--- :app:incrementalBasicDebugTasks
                   |         +--- :app:transformClassesAndClassesEnhancedWithInstantReloadDexForBasicDebug
                   |         |    \--- :app:transformClassesWithInstantRunForBasicDebug
                   |         |         \--- :app:checkManifestChangesBasicDebug (*)
                   |         \--- :app:transformClassesWithInstantRunForBasicDebug (*)
                   \--- :app:transformClassesWithDexBuilderForBasicDebug
                        +--- :app:preColdswapBasicDebug (*)
                        \--- :app:transformClassesWithInstantRunForBasicDebug (*)

    (*) - details omitted (listed previously)

any clue?


Hi! It might be related to software versions, e.g. Android Studio or (most probably) Gradle.
How are you building it? The command line I mean.

I’m running it, just clicking on the run/debug button in the Android Studio toolbar.!


I’m not using any command line!

If I click the “Make App” button, it build fine!

Unsing Android Studio last version (3.2)

OK sorry, I figured out that the “Circular dependency Error” comes out only with Virtual Devices with Pie (28) and Oreo (27-26) system images.