Allow and Block are one too much

The main issue if you want to be successful is to keep it simple and open.
Once the user has installed it, it should show the user like with whatsapp all other users who you can chat to.
That’s the most important part. The user to see who else is using it.
Besides phone numbers you should also use emails from the addressbook.
Growing is the most importing thing.
Remember how tcp/ip started. If tcp/ip would not have been so open, prolly the internet would not have existed.
If my email is in your adressbook and your email is in my addressbook, then we should see each other in kontalk.
same with phone numbers or any other things.

If we start using other IDs Kontalk would become another project :slight_smile: Kontalk is designed to run on phone numbers, besides adding other identifications would probably bloat it over proportions on both the app and server resources (remember that we rely on donations to run the whole thing).
Seriously, every project needs limits. Not primarly because of technical reasons, but rather to define clear boundaries and objectives and not getting lost in the way of doing too much.

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Kontalk shouldn’t detect any email addresses, but should find Jabber-IDs in the address book.

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Virtually there is no difference except that the user should store them in “IM”-type contact fields. Even then, we can’t be sure that they’re actually Jabber IDs. I believe the best way is to let the user pick email addresses from the contacts on demand.

Hello Daniele.
Thank you for the great software first of all.
Second I think that it is not a matter of what ID you use. The goal is to communicate wit someone else. I think the IDs can be any entry in the address book, : phone number, any account id, email, jabber, or snake mail address. In the end its not important. Important is facilitate the conversation between two people.
This is no critic, its a idea.
Sometimes you know where your conversation partner lives, and you know no email or phone number, why knot find the person on kontalk?