Add OMEMO, but keeping GPG


We know that one of the next steps is to add OMEMO support. But if is possible, please, keeping GPG option available.

I mean, like “Conversations” client (for XMPP), that users can choose if they use OMEMO, or GPG.

Do you think this is possible?



Hello @WN02,
GPG will not disappear, however I’m writing it to be autodetected and use the best method possible that both clients can agree on (e.g. if your contact is using an old version, the app will fall back to OpenPGP, otherwise it’ll use OMEMO).

Hello @daniele_athome

So, let me see if I got it.
Kontalk will keep GPG, but it will use OMEMO by default. So, users would choose between GPG or OMEMO from now.

Thank you so much! :smiley:

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