Accep any ssl certificate? file transfer?

Hello, Thank you for working on this wonderful project first.
Thank you again for not giving up even if you run out of time and steadily updating.
I have a few questions and I write this.

1.Accept any SSL certificate ??
I built my own server using docker.
I set up the server by creating gpg key, ssl certificate and private key separately and putting them in the config folder.
Should I check the ‘Accept any SSL certificate’ checkbox in the client app?
In my case, if I do not check that box, the authentication process does not proceed.

  1. file share ??
    I was able to test the transmission of images and audio using the 8828 Port Reverse Proxy settings.
    But when I tried to send a file, ‘Not implement yet’ toast occurred.
    Is file transfer function not implemented yet? Or wonder if you can use the file transfer function through configuration?
    If you haven’t implemented the file transfer yet, thank you so much for telling me about when you expect it.

Hello and welcome.

If your SSL certificate is self-signed or is not signed by a known authority, yes. In our case, Kontalk bundles the Let’s Encrypt CA certificates, which will be merged with the system CA certificates. So technically, if you install your CA in the system settings it should work without checking “Accept any SSL certificate”.

Sorry, that’s right, it is not implemented yet. Technically you can transfer any file type via the existing server infrastructure, but the feature is missing in the app.

Thanks for the your reply.
I’ve got some more questions

  1. In case of photo upload …
    Select Settings / Media / Resize images / Original
    If I attach more than 1MB photo, it won’t be sent
    Less than 1MB transfers well
    docker server setting is Max HTTP upload file size [20971520]
    I would be grateful if you could give me some tips or hints to solve this problem.
    I think it would be great to transfer pictures larger than 5MB

  2. File encryption
    Are file transfers (images, audios) as well as text encrypted with end-to-end encryption?
    Is encryption a mixture of public / private and symmetric keys?

  3. Group Chat Encryption
    Are group chats of three or more people good at end-to-end encryption between each other?
    If it does, I think it’s really cool. Thank you very much.

I believe you need to look in your reverse proxy settings. Both the reverse proxy and Kontalk need to have the same upload limit.

All transferred files are end-to-end encrypted with OpenPGP. OpenPGP is a public key encryption system.

Yes it is. As a matter of fact, messages are not directly encrypted with all user keys. They are encrypted with a random symmetric key and then that symmetric key (which is always small) is encrypted with each user key.

Thank you for the quick answer.

  1. Does the reverse proxy setting you mentioned mean the server’s nginx setting?
    –> It works well :slight_smile:

  2. And I’ll ask you more about question 2.
    Do you use only public keys for file transfers, not symmetric keys?
    In general, large file transfers are known to use a mixture of public and symmetric keys.

  3. I want to upgrade gnupg on docker server (kontalk / xmppserver).
    the reason is to eliminate gnupg’s verbose security vulnerability.
    to do that, I need to know the root password for xmppserver.
    would you please to tell that root password?