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I think we should somewhere on the top of this forum add the links to the wiki pages including FAQ.



What do you think about this?


Do you mean adding these on the top bar as links, next to HOME-DONATE-PROJECT?

Or somewhere else in the forum?

A link to the Wiki and FAQ indeed makes sense, @daniele_athome what do you think?


I have no idea where is the Best place.

You are the Master of this great forum :wink:


Some link would be nice indeed, however the problem is that there are at least 4 wiki access points (Android client, desktop client, server, specs) and at least 2 FAQ pages (Android client, desktop client). I believe the kontalk.org page should have every link to all these stuff (we must make a new page more focused on the different platforms Kontalk supports) and we probably should also rename “PROJECT” to “SOURCE CODE” or “GITHUB”.