Unable to add a contact without giving a contacts permission


Hello, I’ve just installed Kontalk from F-droid and looked to add a contact by a phone number directly, unsuccessfully.

It seems the only way to start a conversation is to give the app a Contacts permission and have the party added in your Android contact list. This is not convenient for users who may opt out giving Contacts permissions due to privacy or security reasons. Do I miss something or it’s simply unimplemented?

Telegram has its own contact list independently of given permissions to the phone’s local contact storage, which permits to add particular users in order to chat with them.


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My understanding is there is no standard way of doing this via the app, other than allowing access to the contacts list.

Better to get @daniele_athome insight here, or you could report this as an extra feature request on our bugtracker:


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@tetris4 is right, there is currently no way via the Android app, sorry. An issue already exists.