Phone number verification fails

I recently downloaded Kontalk from the Google Store and tried to register my phone (Nokia 7 Plus, Android 9), but everytime I try, the verification of my phone number fails.

I am new to Kontalk and never registered my phone before, so I dont know why this happens.

Is there someone who can help me?

Hi @Revertal and welcome to Kontalk and our forums!

Unfortunately registrations are closed temporarily due to an abuse of our service.

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@Revertal FYI registrations were enabled again just now.

Thank you @tetris4 and @daniele_athome for the fast respond.

I tried to register again and the first try ended with the same error message.
The second try gave me the “retry in a few minutes” error message, wich must be from the new spam countermeasures. (So, I can verify, it works :wink: )

Maybe I have another issue…
The app always shows me a wrong phone number in the first place, something like 017600000000.
It seems like my phone identifies it by this number.
Some Googles searches showed, that this must be the number saved in my SIM by default (It is not my first SIM, I ordered a new smaler one for this phone).

Can this lead to a verification error? I always entered the correct number before I tried to register.
I can not change the number on my SIM as far as I now. (Not without a SIM reader, or older phone).

As mentioned before by someone else in this forum, a register website for the desktop client would be great. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting your issues. Could you try again now please? There was a deployment issue with the update.

Yes, that is the phone reporting the information it has. There is no problem there as long as you input the correct number before hitting the verification button.

@daniele_athome, Yehaa it worked! :partying_face:

Finally I can use Kontalk.

Thank you for the fast support.

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