Kontalk around the web

Hi everyone,

I thought it would be a good idea to have a place to share references to Kontalk that appear around the internet. These could very well be articles, videos, podcasts, lists, discussions etc.

So please leave a comment with a link below when you come across mentions of Kontalk! :slight_smile:

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I’ve been collecting them for a while now. :slight_smile:

Oh neat, completely missed that. :blush:

The downside though of keeping them on github as a list is that it doesn’t allow for any discussions and comments to emerge as a response to them.

Well, they span a few years so I don’t even know if some of those links are still valid. Shall I check them and post the valid ones here?

Nah, I think we can continue with posting new mentions here. We can of course keep that list updated in parallel.

More mentions:




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I have just found this article in german:


This came up a couple of days ago, I already left a response:


And another one Reddit’s privacy subreddit today, again comparing to Signal:

What’s interesting is that the OP seems not to be aware they can host their own kontalk server.

That’s one of the points I’d like to raise in the new website. I’ve spent a lot of time building our super-easy Docker environment just for that :slight_smile:

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It seems that discussion is generated.


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Came across this interesting comparison of messenger applications today. There are a few articles and talks referenced there also from the same person:

Btw, I will be giving a talk at TDOSE in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) in 10 days, discussing messenger applications and why being FOSS is only a first step. If anyone is around the area and would like to meet, drop me a note!


Will your talk be available in the internet?
No matter if it’s a video or a text.

I think it will be recorded. I can share the slides and video once they are available.

Update: The slides and video for my talk are now available. Kontalk is mentioned at 25’18".

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This came up on twitter today; an article in Turkish titled “5 most secure messaging applications against spyware” (automated translation) mentioning Kontalk:

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Another mention, this time in German:

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Over the last couple of weeks Kontalk made it into two lists of Whatsapp alternatives:

Kontalk is an open-source, free chatting app for Android, web, and desktop. You can keep all the files entirely on your super secure server. You will be the only person in charge of all the chats you have with your friends and family

We particularly like: The ultimate in privacy, the open XMPP format of this app means that you are totally in charge of your chat privacy

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