I want to Host Kontalk and create my own clients app for various platforms can any one guide me with the steps

I want to Host Kontalk and create my own clients app for various platforms can any one guide me with the steps

Hello and welcome to the Kontalk forum.

For the server part, we are in the process of testing our new Docker container instance:

As a matter of fact, our test instance is already running on Docker and it’s working quite well. The production instance will soon migrate to Docker too. We strongly suggest you use that and provide feedback if needed because support for the manual installation process will be dropped soon. The installation procedure is pretty straightforward and it’s very easy with the help of the Docker tools.

As for the clients, do you intend to create a commercial product out of it? If you are willing to open source it, it would be nice if we can collaborate in the creation of clients for other platforms, especially iOS, so both projects could benefit from them. Also, you will have our full support and guidance on development if you choose to contribute back to the Kontalk community.


I m new to programming and hosting can you send me a read me link with steps to host it & also can I host this in shared hosting in cent os

You didn’t reply to my questions of what your plans are :slight_smile:

The xmppserver-docker repository README contains a pretty detailed procedure on how to install a Kontalk server. You’ll need a dedicated or virtual server with 1 GB of RAM if you want to be comfortable.

I want to create my own WhatsApp like structure to use within the company with admin control I will take an 1 GB RAM VPS server can I know how much the cloud space it will take
and is I m n right direction in my project

You know you need some Linux administration skills to run the server, at least minimal knowledge of a Linux shell.

I have basic knowledge of that but need some explanations regarding commands and all

You can go with the managed cloud hosting server as basic knowledge is not enough for cloud computing and linux OS. Perhaps you can go with the managed digitalOcean web server which is powered by Cloudways for the time being. Till, you don’t have enough knowledge to try your hands with core linux based OS.