How to use a Kontalk account from Gajim?


Does someone know how to use a Kontalk account from Gajim, or maybe an Android or iPhone XMPP client?

I understand that you have to use the kontalk-login.p12 file. But, Is that all? Is there any port, or server configuration?

I know that the GPG encryption won’t be able. That is OK. But here the question:

Can someone explain step by step how to use the Kontalk (JID) address with Gajim (or an Android/iPhone XMPP client)?

Has anyone try to do that?

Thank you.

If I recall correctly, Gajim supports client authentication natively, so it should be enough to configure it as a normal XMPP account without any special parameters. Given the .p12 file and a Kontalk username [1], Gajim should figure out the rest automatically.

[1] You can find your Kontalk XMPP username in the Android app > menu > My personal key, that’s the string that looks like an e-mail address