Can't find a registered user

Hi there, I registered my son’s phone to Kontalk, but I am unable to send messages to him. My daughter’s phone can communicate with him with no problem. I have tried refreshing the contacts list several times, refreshed the server list both on my device and on his, and tried reconnecting to server option. None helps

Please advice



try to enable settings > messaging > include invisible contacts

Maybe it works - but I can’t promise it.

Does that mean, that you can’t start a chat at all, or that you have started a chat, but you can’t send messages?

Thanks for the response.
Invisible settings is checked.
I can’t see him in the list of contacts of Kontalk, so I cant send a message to him.
He shows in the general contacts list.


I tried to check the show blocked contacts and now I can see him. It seems I accidentally blocked him.
But there is still a problem since I am getting an error “Personal key not yet verified”.
In the identity window the fingerprint is is (unknown)

any suggestions?


Did you have tried to refresh the contact list after unblock him?


Excellent !!!
I saw him on the list so I thought there is no need to refresh, but after initiating a refresh all is well.


Nice to see I could help :grinning:

Nevertheless, that shouldn’t have happened so it’s a bug :slight_smile: I’ve opened #1143.